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Conference Theme

In keeping with the clear demands of CIOs associated with this event, the CIO Workshop has targeted the continuing theme of Collaboration and Interoperability with an emphasis on Infrastructure Asset Management as an overarching interest area, and with topics for exploration at each annual Workshop developed under that general banner. The specific topics discussed at each Workshop can vary widely, and are determined by the Expert Advisory Panel during a meeting of the group in the spring of each year.

A Word About Outputs

Takeaways from the workshop included papers developed to capture the various discussions and findings at the event.  These are available only to event attendees (on this site they are in the Member's Corner page, and can be accessed with a password).  To provide an indication of the kinds of papers that are developed, one general summary paper has been made available here.


2013 Conference Theme and Format

The 2013 theme was selected in a meeting of the Expert Advisory Panel in April of 2013, based on interest areas communicated in the 2011/2012 CIO Workshops and on emerging needs and issues the Panel members continually cope with on both strategic and tactical levels. A substantial majority of the group noted that information management in building and operations phases of the program life cycle continue to present fundamental challenges, and suggested that a workshop exploring critical interface and analytical elements of the problem would be an effective topic area for 2013. After further development, an excellent theme emerged, namely "Information Management from Design Through To Decommissioning: Implementation, Transition and Continuous Improvement".  Under this broad theme, several key topic areas were identified:

  • The Foundation: Managing and implementing information systems properly during design and construction, with a conscious recognition of subsequent operations requirements, is a ‘must’ for realizing efficiencies over the whole life cycle.

  • The Interface: Explicit planning for the transition of information from building to operations phases, as some needs diminish and others grow in importance, is a pivotal aspect in retaining the value of information.

  • The Long View: Implementing mechanisms specifically aimed at enabling continuous updates and enhancements in analytics is key to ensuring progressive performance improvement over time.


Each area was discussed by several experienced speakers, and breakout groups discussed the topic areas and developed practical lessons learned, projections for the future, and best practices that attendees could consider applying in their own enterprises.

The 2013 agenda can be found here.  The 2014 agenda will be posted once the Expert Advisory Panel develops the theme for the year along with the topics and speakers which will constitute the program for the year.

The program format parallels the very successful format used in prior years. The event is held over a day and a half, so that most CIOs need only be away from home for a single night.  Following a plenary session where a over-arching general topic is discussed, CIOs at the workshop then meet in breakout groups to interact, flesh out ideas, and address individual interests. The net result is a blend of structured content and ad hoc exploration which leads to an outstanding opportunity to network and to learn.