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Conference Sponsorship

The sponsor for this event is Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Bentley), a leading developer of software used in major infrastructure projects around the world. Bentley looks to the Expert Advisory Panel and conference managers not only to develop an effective theme for the workshop and to generate a solid roster of speakers and presentations, but also to participate directly. 



CEO Greg Bentley attends and speaks each year himself, and considers it to be well worth the investment. As Greg says, "This is a valuable event, and we’re proud to sponsor it. The CIOs who attend clearly enjoy the chance to interact face to face, and rate the presentations highly. As for myself and my colleagues at Bentley, working with the CIOs in the workshops provides us insights into their needs, and helps us ascertain the solutions that will be required in the future. This forum is a great way for all concerned to communicate and learn from each other.”

The following outline was prepared by Bentley at the request of the Expert Advisory Panel to communicate Bentley interests in the CIO Workshop in more specific detail.  

"Bentley sponsors the CIO event in  Europe for four main reasons:

  • To hear from the CIOs of engineering and construction firms and heads of IT from owners operators in our target infrastructure solutions communities (see below) what their key business drivers are,
  • To foster cooperation and collaboration on like issues and problems among the European Engineering and Construction firms, as well as owner operators,
  • To provide input into our development and commercial strategies from the above, with the objective of always improving our software applications and the solutions that are deployed and used.
  • To develop senior management relationships to facilitate business relationships between Bentley and the leaders of the European Infrastructure community."

Conference Management

This conference is managed by independent professionals, knowlegable in IT issues but well versed in conference logistics and conduct. They are responsible for selecting the Executive Advisory Panel for the Workshop, facilitating the development of the conference agenda, coordinating Workshop events, and managing the conference administrative processes.  Logistic support and technical services are provided by Bentley, but management of the event over all is left entirely up to the Conference Managers and the Expert Advisory Panel.

Be Inspired

Readers may also be intersted in noting that the Be Inspired exhibition (details can be found here), which is the Bentley showcase event that highlights outstanding infrastructure projects from around the world, is now held annually back to back with the CIO Workshop.  Although the two events are quite different in nature, they are both thought leadership events for the service and infrastructure sectors, and their coordinated scheduling makes it easier for interested CIOs to attend both.

The Year in Infrastructure

Attendees at the CIO Workshop may also be interested in participating in Bentley's Year in Infrastructure event.  Held in London this year, and timed to coincide with the 2013 Workshop, the event is a global gathering of leading executives in the world of infrastructure design, construction, and operations. The conference features a series of presentations and interactive workshops exploring the intersection of technology and business drivers, and how they are shaping the future of infrastructure delivery and investment returns.