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A Continuing Event

The CIO Workshop has been held as a series of events that began in 2005 in Europe, and has its roots in a comparable event that has been held in the US since 2002.  The European CIO Workshop was originally held once a year but is now a biannual event, with a smaller event attended by organizing participants (the Expert Advisory Panel and guests) in the spring of each year and with the main event (for the Expert Advisory Panel and all invited CIOs) in the fall.  We anticipate a continued trend towards a more global presence and attendance at the event, prompted by the view of those who have attended the event.  

Delivery will continue to evolve as well.  To accommodate the tighening travel policies of many firms, we anticipate an expansion of the Workshop to include an electronic delievery component.  However, based on feedback from the CIOs who attend this event, we also anticipate that a central aspect of the event will always be a core face to face component that facilitates a free and frank exchange of ideas.

The workshops in this series have been highly regarded, typically scoring well over 4 out of a possible 5 points in post-workshop surveys. Repeat attendance is high, and attendees find that a key motivation for going to the event is the opportunity to network with their peers. Content is always solid and presented at a very high professional standard.

Click on the year below to review a copy of some of past agendas:


A partial list of past participants can be found here.