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Welcome to the CIO Workshop web site!

This is the home site of a continuing series of conferences initiated to provide CIOs and information or knowledge management executives with an opportunity to meet and explore issues of mutual interest.

The CIO Workshop is unique. This invitation-only forum for learning and discussion is available to senior officers in the infrastructure, engineering and construction sectors with global responsibility for the planning, implementation, and management of information systems in their enterprises.

Because global solutions require global thinking, attendance at the CIO Workshop is carefully managed to ensure that international perspectives are well represented, and the locations are rotated from time to time, currently among European hubs.  Past events have been held in London, Amsterdam and Brussels, and we have tentatively selected Paris for a future location.  Our Expert Advisory Panel, which oversees and guides the event, has current and past members from England, Germany, Switzerland, India, Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

In response to feedback from attendees, in 2014 the CIO Workshop will be located in London.  In addition to continuing the distinguished record of outstanding content and networking opportunities which has come to mark the Workshop, this year there will be an opportunity for attendees to arrive early and participate in the wider Year in Infrastructure proceedings as well as the CIO Workshop if they wish.  

The theme for the 2014 CIO Workshop will be decided in the spring of the year at a meeting of the Expert Advisory Panel.  The group will  develop the theme based in part on input from attendees at the 2013 CIO Workshop, and in part on ideas and trends shaping up as likely CIO interest areas over the preceding months.  We'll post that theme and updates of the agenda on this site as they emerge.  In the mean time, as an example of what to expect, you can find an overview of last year's program here, and the 2013 agenda here.  Since the agenda will be updated from time to time over the next months, be sure to take another look at this site down the road.

Reviews by attendees make it clear that the Workshop series is well regarded by those attending, and we believe that if you join us, you'll find the experience to be well worth your time.